gelatni-CRON NFO

delcon white
delcon white

“when the last boon was done the later savy pilots once heard.. a bearded man with noones werd” -y4rn
“gabriel was an american established hero of his mis direction and mint swave.. like those 80z hyvRz on earth girth la’v” -y4rn


stay woak!


BORGz and hockey!?

take me out to the ball game…

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gelatni-CRON is a collective fathom of things. a fathom of art music rymz and poetry touching star wars related alien and horror theory and other. soon here will be a bio of whoever i can collect as the merits behind gelatni-CRON as well as other information regarding the sort and the sort other. please email us here: if you are involved and have not been mentioned or for any other reasons.